Repairs and Restoration

We can offer several services to you depending on the extent of damage to your piece. For minor repairs to a window, such as a few broken panes or a few lead joints broken, we can repair the window on-site without having to take the window out.  If your window has bulge or more extensive damage, we will need to take the window back to our studio. After repairing it in the specific places it was broken we’ll re-install it in your house.  If your window has extensive damage, we will completely dismantle the window and rebuild it using the original glass and brand new lead.  With full restoration your window will look as good and be as sound as the first day it was built.


We also offer custom made pieces.  If you would like a specific design or image created in stained glass our artists will work with you to create a piece design to your specifications.


Our shop on the border of East Liberty and Highland Park offers competitive prices for glass, lead came, stained glass tools, design books and a large array of beveled glass. We advise you give us a call before heading our way to make sure that we are in as sometimes we are out of the studio doing an installment.  You can find directions to our shop here.